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Main Street Morrilton Farmers’ Market Vendor Guidelines




2024 Market Dates and Times:    
May 16, 2024, 4p-7p
June 20, 2024, 4p-7p
July 18, 2024, 4p-7p
August 15, 2024, 4p-7p
September 19, 2024, 4p-7p
October 17, 2024, 4p-7p

***NEW LOCATION***Wayland Holyfield Place at the corner of East Commerce Street and Moose Street, Morrilton, Arkansas.  

The Main Street Morrilton Farmers’ Market committee is seeking vendors who offer local produce, farm items, locally prepared food products, plants, fresh-cut flowers, and unique handmade  arts and crafts.  

Applying for consideration for the market does not guarantee you a space. The market planning committee will contact you to confirm the status of your application and will invoice you for payment. The fee for the 2024 Market will be a flat $50 and must be paid in full before the first market of the season in order to hold your spot. A numbered spot will be assigned to each vendor for the season and priority will be given to vendors selling produce, farm produced goods (honey, eggs, meat, flowers), and baked goods.

LATE SEASON APPLICATIONS: Vendors may apply after the season has started. If space is available and the vendor is approved they will receive an invoice for prorated vendor fees in the amount of $10/market for the remaining markets in the season. The fee must be paid in full before that vendor's first market appearance. New or pending applications will be reviewed by the committee on a monthly basis as space becomes available.

The Main Street Morrilton Farmers' Market is an approved location for SNAP.  Main Street Morrilton will use a token system to process EBT cards.  If you as a vendor agree to accept the tokens, you will be reimbursed  by Main Street Morrilton at the conclusion of each market.  You may use your own SNAP POS equipment as long as you have taken proper steps to add our location.  

The Farmers' Market Committee is making plans for the return of additional entertainment and family friendly activities to the market for the 2024 season.

The Farmers’ Market will be held rain or shine.  In the event of rain, the market will be moved indoors.  The market manager will make the determination and contact vendors of a change in location.  

Please contact Morgan Zimmerman at 479-264-4332 at least 48 hours prior to the market opening if you cannot attend the market so that we can fill your spot from our waiting list.  No refunds will be given for cancellations.  A reminder text or email will be sent on the Monday before the market.  Main Street Morrilton uses vendor fees to advertise the market in multiple ways, and we depend on our vendors to show up.  

All vendors must be on-site and set-up by 3:45 pm.  Booths must be open at 4:00 pm and remain open until 7:00 pm.

For safety reasons, no vehicles may enter or leave the market area between 3:45 and 7:00 pm.  We ask that vendors not selling from a truck bed park outside the market area.

Vendors must provide all supplies and props including but not limited to: hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, canopies, tables, chairs, shopping bags, change for cash purchases, scales, WiFi, or anything else needed for their booth.

Animals cannot be sold in the farmers’ market.  Wholesale produce and independent consultants need not apply. Product must be high quality. All vendors will observe sanitation or other legal requirements. If you have unfit produce and must weed it out at the Market you must pack it and take it back home with you – no spoiled produce can be left or disposed of at the Market or in nearby dumpster(s).  

Any vendor bringing homemade food items to sell at the Market must follow the requirements set forth by the Health Department. All homemade items must have a label affixed to the packaging. Printed clearly on the label should be the following information: your name or business name, full address and phone number, net weight of product, and a complete listing of ingredients.

NOTICE: The Cottage Food Act was updated in 2021.  New guidelines and laws can be found here:


Due to the handling of food products / food nature, personal hygiene /cleanliness must be kept in line with Arkansas Department of Health 3-401: The overall cleanliness and observation of good hygienic practices by vendors include not only the personal cleanliness of the vendors but also the way he/she performs his/her business transactions.

Meat:  Producers of meat products are welcome at the Market and are required to follow all of the local, state and national guidelines. All frozen meat products must be kept frozen; all refrigerated meat products must be kept refrigerated according to the State Health Department regulations.

Seafood:  Fresh seafood must be refrigerated, bagged and sold per bag.  It must be labeled with the origin name, address & phone number.

Eggs:  Fresh eggs must be in plain cartons printed with the information of the seller and kept in a refrigerated unit.  

Arts & Crafts: Vendors selling arts & crafts must be handmade. Arts and crafts vendor are encouraged to demonstrate their craft within their booth space.

Consumables: consumable food or drink items must be prepared off site and packaged for sale. No food or drink may be prepared for consumption on site except for in a certified food truck, trailer, or mobile kitchen.


Please contact the Conway County Health Inspector at 501-354-4654 if you have questions regarding Health Department standards.


Bathrooms and water are available within 200 feet.  Public Wifi is not available.  Access to electricity is available, however, vendor must supply extension cord(s) for electricity.  

The vendor is responsible for paying all applicable taxes related to sales made at the Main Street Morrilton First Thursday Farmers’ Market.  >> Apply Now

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